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Afro-House Wonders will guide your spiritual rhythm into the sunset.  This piquant blend of auditory pleasure will heighten your senses.  I'm particularly proud of this collaboration.  Chaka's decision to use 'Yakumba' for the cover of his Afro-House mix could not be more timely.  

I had just finished watching Femi Kuti's Live at the Shrine and became deeply inspired by his demonstration of the Human Spirit.  This painting came to life shortly after.  The lion represents courage (freedom from resentment), a conviction celebrating unity through self-improvement.  The butterfly stands for our constant curiosity to understand Truth, along with all of its facets, without losing our moral balance.  Yakumba is about how we can grow together.  As is Afro-House Wonders.  It's about how we can move and sway together.