title: Musashi 

dimensions: 24 x 48

Miyamoto Musashi (c. 1584-1645) was a peerless samurai who evolved the Niten-ryū (dual-sword) technique and the writer behind The Book of Five Rings (五輪書), a practice of strategy, philosophy, and self-mastery that incorporates the understanding of nature's essence.

I met Mark de Clive-Lowe earlier last year and had the privilege of painting for his new studio.  When I asked him what he was feeling, he envisaged colors of red & gold...and the energy of Musashi's legacy.  When I tune in to Mark's music, a reflection of his soulful, positive energy radiates.  I had to keep this piece as 'lively' as possible because I felt this common characteristic was key.  

Energy.  Life.  Progression.  These are core values shared in both Mark's musicianship and Musashi's fighting spirit.  

MdCL DJ set with Hayagriva ;-)


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