title: Love & Inspiration
dimensions: 36 x 72

I recently participated in a group show and the theme was love.  Although I put a lot of love into every painting, I realized I've never created a piece about love.  

It has been a long while since I've been able to express my love for someone openly.  There was always a reason to hold back, and at times it was rather difficult for me because as an artist, I live and breathe expression.  I felt a lid on my heart for many years.  So needless to say, the task of 'painting love' grew in challenge.  

This painting came to life through deep reflection.  After countless hours of soul searching, I realized I wanted to express love in the most positive and vibrant way I could.  Although we all have our heartbreaks and for some the scars run deeper than others, I feel the essence of love should still be about hope and encouragement.  This piece represents all of how I feel.  It shows how uplifting, colorful, and free love can be.  

"Love is always finding a way to inspire each other."