In recent shows many have inquired how I free-hand the 3D effect on my paintings.  Although I can't explain from a scientific point of view, I can explain how technically it can be achieved.  Let's use my recent piece as an example:

title: Black Magic     year: 2011     

In the darkness / we make love / Black Magic the promise the premise the endless the scene we travel / On to arrive at the very beginning of where we started / Journeying onward into the black and deeper into shadow / Life will bring trust / It will bring and install the memory you unravel     *inspired by Jose James' "Black Magic"

I start by painting the background colors first.  This is the most spontaneous part of my process, as I splatter and drip colors of various medium to achieve contrast in texture.  Some paints are glossy, some matte, and some are more reactive to light.  This makes an interesting base with conscious abstract values.  From then I would paint the subject matter by layers with fluorescent-based hues to create the 3D effect.  If you view this piece with chromadepth glasses, you will notice the flowers in pink/orange outlines come to the foreground, while the yellow outlines remain in the back.  Similar effect with the birds, the bottom one comes forward, while the top one stays behind.

Since the hues I utilize have fluorescent values, some of my paintings offer another perspective under inverse lighting, or in most cases, black lights.  Below I will refer to another painting to showcase this effect:


This piece is entitled Qilin and under black lighting the painting glows fluorescent.  The intensity of the fluorescence can be manipulated by the brightness of the light source.  The white/yellow outlines on the creature now glows green, and certain parts such as Qilin's belly goes from red to bright yellow.  Since fluorescence also amplifies the contrast of each layer, if you view the piece in this mode with chromadepth glasses the 3D effect becomes even greater.  

Although I ultimately want viewers to enjoy my work as they are, this technique generates greater depth to the pieces and offers multiple ways to enjoy the same painting.

*Black Magic & Qilin are both now available under shop