The following blueprint represents my second collaboration with Neoclassics.  This past Spring we printed limited edition Ts for relief in Sendai, a project I was proud to be a part of.  Needless to say, this new juncture is inspired by another simple, positive, and original direction.  The concept is to visualize a modern take on "joker" in Ukiyo-e style poker card format.

After researching some of Utagawa's finest and their deliverance on form, posture, and fabric patterns, I decided on a kabuki dancer for the art form's comparable traits in all things avant-garde and the unimaginable bizarre.

Keeping true to swaying fresh, the whimsical figure romanticizes with a boombox rather than a fan.  Only higher decibels can sustain his funk.  He's bboy by nature, kabuki by discipline, a natural blend between the new and the old, a timeless transition between the modern and the ancient, a rebirth in NEO and CLASSIC.

Fresh shirt designs coming soon from Neoclassics.  CAN'T WAIT for Neo's touchup to this piece.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming Shows:

7/23     Think Tank 939 Maple Ave. suite 200, LA 90015 / 9PM-1AM

8/6-8/28   Eye to Eye: a group show that finds graffiti artists and painters playing on common ground through the shared aesthetic principles on movement, color, and energy.
Crewest 110 Winston St., LA 90013
8/6       opening reception / live painting 6-10PM
8/11     artwalk / live painting 12PM-10PM 

8/13     Art Crawl Experience (ACE) 205 Center Street Promenade, Anaheim 92805 
              live painting 5PM-10PM

9/3-10/29   Norbertellen Group Show 
Norbertellen Gallery 215 W. 6th St. suite 110, LA 90014 (close to Spring)
9/3        opening reception 6-10PM
9/8        artwalk 12PM-10PM
10/8      artist reception 6-10PM
10/13    artwalk 12PM-10PM

Hope to see some of you out there.  Peace & Love,