title: Water No Get Enemy     year: 2011     40 x 60     mixed media

To a peaceful, cleaner blue.  To a conscious, brighter future.  To the betterment of our coexistence with mammals in the sea.  To treat life and death with respect, to live in balance and harmony.

The title is taken from Fela Kuti's famous song.  Fela revolutionized Afrobeat (Afrojazz), an expression characterized by a fairly large band with many instruments, vocals, and a layered structure of jazzy, funky horn sections.  The harmonious blend of this many elements adequately reflects his energy and spirit, because he was a man who sought balance through music.  My style of coloring embodies a similar approach because I like to explore with layers and combinations of how various hues can compliment each other.

Recently I came across a talented music producer who sampled Water No Get Enemy.  Tall Black Guy aka Terrel Wallace delivers a rejuvenating touch to this classic.  Although we work in different creative disciplines, I immediately connected to Terrel's approach because through my paintings I explore themes and motifs of the past to interpret fresh, modern expressions for the future.

From past to present, from Fela to Tall Black Guy, from music to painting, I see correlations of influences and channels of inspiration and discovery.

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