This recent autumn ~ winter I've enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with Manhattan Portage on a series of messenger bags inspired by New York City and its vibrant urban landscape.  Having lived a few years in the city myself, this project presented an opportunity to restore my passion for a place I've always held close to heart.  Through the research I've learned to see the endless connections and profound depth behind each architecture/view and my fascination for Manhattan matures in foundation with every visit.  Each of these unique bags are hand-painted in 3D (comes with free chromadepth glasses) and reacts to inverse lighting with a fluorescent glow.  You can check out / order your bag from this collection here:

Below are a series of images we documented for this collaboration.  Hope you enjoy the process as much as I've enjoyed painting these.  Many thanks to alfasmog for these fantastic photos.  Image reference photo credits to Denkym, Christian Krieglsteiner, Louis Trocciola, Will Shih, Manhattan Portage & myself.  Thank you all for your inspiration & contribution.   

* Midtown NYC #2/30 full set

* Brooklyn Bridge & Rockefeller (#29/30, #16/30)

*St. Marks #6/30 (bag in fluorescent 3D, use glasses with image)

* Structured Living #7/30

* Financial District from Jersey City #11/30 (bag in fluorescent 3D, use glasses with image)

* Rockefeller #16/30 full set in nightglow 3D (use glasses)

* Austrian Cultural Forum #25/30 (in fluorescent 3D, use glasses)

* Midtown 49th & 9th Rooftop View #5/30 (bag in fluorescent 3D, use glasses)